[Behind The Scenes] Michael Burnett Explains How To Photograph Skateboarders

So many behind the scenes videos we come across are nothing more than boring, overly glamorized music videos. Skateboard photographer Michael Burnett's latest video is anything but boring. Anyone who has photographed extreme or counter culture sports know that there are certain rules to be broken...and certain rules that must be followed. Michael goes through a ton of great skateboard photographs and explains what makes some stand out while others get lost in the mix. So grab your fisheye lens, a few speedlights on stands, and put yourself in harm's way!

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Gareth Bogdanoff's picture

 Excellent video. Very informative.

Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

good video...i like the composition...I think he use the "shit" word a bit much but you know...whatever it takes to express what he is trying to get across

ChrisBlizzard's picture

Don't forget to watch part 2...

some shit like that!!!!! heeeeyyyyy it works doesn't it?!? hey way to go man, good stuff!!!!

Eric Seilo's picture

that shit was helpful