How To Photograph Fighting For ESPN, SI, and the UFC With Ed Mulholland

Since the start of Fstoppers, I have had a dream list of photographers that I think would make for a great FS Original. At the top of that list has been ESPN and fight photographer Ed Mulholland. Unfortunately getting clearance from HBO and UFC have been tougher than going backstage with Bon Jovi (who would have thought). Fortunately, Grover at Photoshelter recently caught up with Ed to talk boxing, UFC, and what makes a compelling sports photograph. If you don't already know, The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the fastest growing sports in the US, and tonight's card is pretty star studded if you want to check it out. While very few photographers are lucky enough to shoot for clients like ESPN and Sports Illustrated, hopefully Ed's insight can inspire you to take better sports photographs regardless of who is in front of your lens.

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Benicio's picture

My two loves coming together. Always nice when that happens :)

Great vid. Cool guy! 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Refreshingly down-to-earth street tested wisdom... worth more than all the usual froo-froo fluff... $10,000 parabolics, watts-per-second hyperventilation, velcro attached flags and double baffled soft boxes.

PS... I like froo-froo fluff. But this is with more (vision trumps stuff)

What an awesome modest guy, very 'grounded'. Isn't it fantastic to listen to someone who loves what he does? Thanks for sharing the video, Patrick :)

Sean Shimmel's picture

You are kind. 

I'm just tired (very tired) of the whole "newer-better-faster" equipment game. 

That empty quest steals from my family and from my vision. 

I should write an article:

"From Power to Pooch: todays toys are on tomorrow's Craig's List"

DANG!!!! I love the fact that he doesn't shoot in burst mode... and it's so true... the main event is all that counts lol.... but yeah man... being a fan of a sport that your photographing makes a huge difference...

Love it! True will, talent, passion, and dedication brings you to success. Luck just tags along.
Thanks for another inspiring post guys. : )

Ed Mulholland's picture

Thanks guys, Patrick, haven't forgot you guys, I'm still working on getting that clearance!!