NFL Cameraman Takes Ball to the Head, Still Gets His Shot

NFL Cameraman Takes Ball to the Head, Still Gets His Shot

People who work on the field and sidelines of NFL games are often in harm's way from players crashing around and off the field during plays, but occasionally, it is a flying ball that causes trouble. One veteran cameraman showed off his toughness recently when a Nick Folk field goal came down directly on his head. 

The play happened during the Thursday night game between the Patriots and the Falcons, when Patriots kicker Nick Folk kicked a 53-yard field goal. Cameraman Don Cornelli was set up just behind the uprights to track the ball coming through, and track it he did, all the way to his face. 

Cornelli showed off why he was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame earlier this year, shaking off the impact and getting right back to work, even prompting accolades from the announcers. 

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Haha, saw that, what a trooper. And what a great game.