Olympic Photographer Leaves Lens Cap On

We've all left our lens caps on before but it usually takes a split second to look through the viewfinder and figure out what the problem is. This Olympic photographer took a little bit longer to figure out that his lens cap was the reason for his blank images. Unluckily for him, these embarrassing 12 seconds were broadcast to the world.

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Haha I saw this last night on TV and immediately noticed the guy in the back fumbling with his camera and wondering why it wasn't shooting. Thank you to whomever recorded this :)

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I think at the end he was gonna shoot it with his live view screen.

I saw the original too.  Also liked the guy with the 1Dx spraying and praying the women's gymnastics team.  Sounded like a machine gun and he was only standing 5 feet in front of them after a performance...

I gotta be honest.. I'm getting tired of all these posts knocking Olympic photogs.. Between here and borrow lenses.. Are we really that jealous of other people's success that we get joy out of seeing them screw up? Yes, I took part in ripping on the guy with the bad photos.. That was just bad.. But this.. Seriously.. You've never in your life left the lens cap on.. People need to get off their high horses and rejoice with people in their success instead of sitting back and say "oh I could do it better"... Clearly you couldn't do it better, because you aren't there, you are at home, shooting babies for $25 and making fun of those who are actually getting noticed..

We wonder why the world is a terrible place.. It's because of stuff like this.. Instead of saying "wow, look at that guy, he gets to shoot the Olympics" we sit back and nit pick the tiny mistake that we've probably all made at some point


I don't think this is that serious of a post. If it were me forgetting to take my lens cap off I would have posted it as well and laughed at myself. We HAVE ALL made this mistake before and we all will again, what's the big deal in pointing that out and having a chuckle?  

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Well said Lee.

Well said Chris, Brian, Lee and Tam

 well said rob

Well said Tim.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaah these replies are funnier than the actual post

Well said Relzlife. 

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 well haha'd

well said everybody

well said indeed

well well well ... now that's a deep subject!!!

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 Cascade is funny so I will write something to. ;)

I too believe so, well said Roman

well said Peter

well said Jessy

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Well said Andy

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Shit, forgot to take my lens cap off before I typed..

Well at list you learned from your mistake Kid :P 

Well said (in order of appearance):Chris, Brian, Lee, Tam, robsydor, Tim, Andrew, Relzlife, Shane, wayneleone, Peter, John, JASON, Roman, Pat, Jessy, Andy, Kunal and Kid x2

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Agreed Lee. Get over yourself Burke. It's good to see even professionals at the Olympics make a mistake. It's good to have a laugh and realize everyones human.


agreed Josh

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I agree Chris, Josh, & Tim.. :)

I've left my lens cap on many a times. Even if you totaled them all up it still wouldn't be as long as 12 seconds. I have also had non-photographer laugh at me when it was left on.

My wife has a crush on Gordon Ramsey and watches Hell's Kitchen. When the chiefs are past the half way point in the series and they screw up he usually says something like "at this stage in the competition you shouldn't be making  these kinds of mistakes". Only with more force and maybe some bleeps.

 At least he was using a DSLR where he noticed the problem.  I still shoot from time to time on an old film rangefinder and live in constant fear of forgetting to take the lens cap off.  For you youngins, you can do that with a rangefinder and never know until you develop the roll.