Surreal 2016 Burning Man Photographs By Victor Habchy

Surreal 2016 Burning Man Photographs By Victor Habchy

Living in a world full of real problems and being a creative person is a challenge. It’s a big challenge until you step to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the annual Burning Man festival, where the world turns into the most surreal place you could ever imagine. This happened to photographer Victor Habchy and over 70,000 other people for the largest outdoor festival dedicated to "Da Vinci's Workshop" this year.

For those who didn’t have the chance to attend and have their input in creating the temporary metropolis dedicated to art and community, Victor Habchy has taken mesmerizing images to push them forward to attend next year’s Burning Man. Whereas we scout locations and work on themes for our planned photoshoots, it’s a dream place for any photographer, where no prior planning is needed. An endless inspiration under the open sky full of all kinds of stories and magic, where the weather makes surroundings even more fascinating. Here is a small selection of Victor’s remarkable work from Burning Man 2016.

You can find more at his website and Instagram. If you have attended the festival, please share your images and impressions in the comments below.



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Emma Grigoryan is an award winning Fine Art/Fashion photographer based in Armenia. She enjoys styling and creating her own sets and looks: be it a conceptual shoot or a beauty look. Her biggest inspirations are diversity, color, water and geometry. Since 2012 she is a contributor for Art+Commerce and Vogue Italia.

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top photo is likely photoshopped - there are no flocks of birds at Burningman - occasionally you see 1 or 2 birds but never flocks - they can't survive

yes, the top one is a composite and he clearly indicates that on his page.
The rest of the album is all real, if you can call it real ;)

Humans are strange creatures.

Love the pictures, stunning work!

Those are some fantastic images.

That next-to-last image is decidedly NOT from 2016; that looks like the 105' Man from 2014, the only one to stand right on the Playa in recent years. Furthermore, the bicyclists in that image are identical to the ones in the first, admittedly Photoshopped, image. Sorry, but I just don't find it very professional to present a two-year-old shot as being from this year. Maybe the error was made by the author, but if you look at the file-name, it says 2016 which is patently untrue.

All photographs are from the 2014 and 2015 editions of Burning man. Please check the artist's page at for accurate information.

Oh goody, another professional photographer being a tourist at burning man. When's his Girls of Burning Man calendar coming out?

terribly false headline. this author knows full well not one of these images is from 2016. lame clickbait--