Awkward Stock Photos Will Make You Re-evaluate Stock Photography

Awkward Stock Photos Will Make You Re-evaluate Stock Photography

'Awkward Stock Photos' is a great tumblr blog featuring some of the weirdest and the most unnecessary stock images in the world. From Santa without pants to a snake smoking pot all the way to a banana kicking a cow. You wont believe the amount of awkward stock photos companies like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto or Getty Images offer for sale. I wonder who are the people who shoot that stuff (and why?!), and more importantly - I wonder how many people buy these photos.

Check out these 20 very awkward stock photos:

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That dude hugging the horse backwards baffles me. As does the banana on the sleeping woman's head. 

Pasta in underwear?

Maybe a metaphore to ED?

it's conceptual guys... we just don't understand the concept as we're not the target audience :)

some are weird but some are good concepts! I don't think they all deserve wtf. 

Like Olivier said; conceptual...

Weird or not, you  still have to licence the images to post on your site.

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This would probably be considered "fair use" in a journalistic excerpt/critical review sense, and no watermarks were removed, so I'd say they don't need to license them in this case.

 Gary is correct

Way better than the boring standard stock pictures! ... Hi, Yuri Arcurs - I´m talking to you! ;)

Nothing wrong with trying to stretch the envelope a little and put something out there that's a little unusual. There are a couple that could find a use in advertising.

i like 'em... except the weird grandparent expressions with the ice cream.

I've actually seen the last image used in an article before, so I guess you could say writers at use those kinds of images! ha

You take what you think is a seriously good stock shot that gets rejected, then you see - these.  Wow.  I've heard that some of the stock agencies have a very "loose" atmosphere.  Apparently, some of the image inspectors are allowed to smoke pot on the job.  Ugh.  Ok, a couple of them are fine for humor sake and with the right article or project could be very useful.  The older couple with the ice cream, though?  Creepy.  The guy with his horse?  Well, for an Alabama dating site, maybe, but damn.