Get More Money From Your Image Library

Get More Money From Your Image Library

If you are like me, your image library is full of personal shoots and client images that were never used. Instead of just letting those images collect dust on your hard drives, now these images may have a new home. The people at Image Brief partner with designers and advertisers and pair them with photographers who may just have that perfect image for their campaign.

After you sign up for an account, your work goes under a portfolio review. Once your portfolio is approved, you will receive daily "briefs" of specific images that clients are looking for. In the brief you will find the description of the images the client is looking for as well as an inspiration board and a description of how they will be used. After you submit your images to the brief, you can watch as the selection of submissions is shortlisted and then finally selected. The creative fees can range anywhere from $500-$20,000 per image, depending on the client, the usage and scale of the project.

image brief

Here is an example of a brief from the site.

image brief

Here are their reference images for the type of work they are looking for in the brief.

image brief
Here are the images from a personal shoot I did last year, that I submitted to the brief.

image brief
These were the shortlisted images, from which the final selection would be made.

Most of the briefs are extremely specific, such as a Costa Rican rainforest or a certain lake in New York. So while I often don't have images that would fit the submitted briefs, I may just have an image of an executive giving a PowerPoint presentation to fit a different brief.

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fantastic idea, will look into that

Why not just shoot with
available light ?

Awesome write up as always Nick!

I love this for a number of reasons. One for the obvious (main purpose of the site) but also because it shows me what advertisers are looking for in regards to stock photography and then I can do personal projects to fit (even if they don't use right away).

Quick question: How long was their portfolio review process for you? I'm sure it will be longer now that this is up on FStoppers. :)

Thanks man! I was approved within a day or two, I think.

Appreciate the reply. Been following ya since JackThreads and glad to see you are doing so well.

did you just send a link of your website for your "portfolio?"


Got mine approved last night so pretty quick on the turn around. So far, loving ImageBrief and it's ease of use in uploading relevant images!

Hey Todd. Glad you're loving it. We have been overwhelmed with the registrations as a result of this article so things may not necessarily be that quick for everybody. Thanks Nick for the great write-up. Meg

Looks like