Hang Out With Vincent Laforet And Other Creatives In Europe At FREE Events This Month

This month I'll be traveling to 5 European cities with Vincent Laforet to shoot and edit video for him as part of Project AIR, his new night aerial stills project. We have been working hard to offer something pretty unique – a totally free, direct first hand social event open to anyone who is interested in photography, video or the creative process, where we can share skills, technique and project support for your own projects as a result of what we’ve learnt with AIR. If you live in London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Venice, we are throwing the doors open to you all.

I’ve been working with Vincent for a little over a year in different capacities, but have been working with him very closely since AIR became a much larger project than we could have anticipated.

Project AIR - Los Angeles
Credit - Dustin Snipes

My role will be to not only capture video as we shoot but to document the project, capture BTS, capture commercial assets, and make sure the wider social world can connect in and see what's going on as we travel and move throughout Europe

As we worked to cultivate and grow the project and give it ‘legs’, we both had a determination to utilize the expertise and experience going into AIR as a platform for us to connect wider and share the learning behind both the project and what has been learnt along the way.

Vincent and I share the same philosophy about wanting to share the excitement this project is affording us by directly connecting with a wider audience of creatives, as he mentions below:

This has been the most organic project I've ever been a part of.

It grew out of a simple editorial assignment, and the reaction to it is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I have a natural desire to share this excitement and learning with others, face-to-face. Through social media, I've met a lot of people, and many in person, but I think social media is often more 'anti-social' media for many of us, as it can be very isolating.

I'd like AIR be a way of changing this, where, through social media, it actually brings people together in a series of physical events, or meet ups. We've done a few of these through Storehouse and everyone has found it to be extremely rewarding. We've made a lot of good friendships and relationships along the way, both professional and personal, through these events and that's what we're hoping to continue in Europe this month.

End of a successful flight
Credit - Dustin Snipes

On a personal note, I'm very excited to have this opportunity, to be part of a project that is really trying to connect with people internationally, through both social and physical means. When I moved to New York a few years ago, I knew no one in the industry and had no idea how to connect to anyone and get started. I’d not been a full time professional photographer or videographer before when I lived in London, but I knew that’s what I wanted to do, and going about it can be really tough.

Slowly but surely, as I connected to photographers, film makers, videographers and other creatives, I found myself working in different capacities for them, always generally helping in some way to create video and motion content. The framework for everything though, is a good connectivity with people, and sharing learning and experiences, and that's why these events are going to be so exciting.

Hanging out while working last month. Project AIR has taken many of our careers to new heights and directions and we want to meet you and discuss this with you all.


I always wished I could have had the opportunity to connect to professionals in a way like this when I moved to New York. Thanks to innovative and inspired partners on AIR like G Technology, we can do just that. G Tech are committed to events of this nature and are supporting he entire process, enabling Vincent and the project team to throw the doors open for any one of you who would like to attend our free meet up events.

We are offering the opportunity to learn more about the process behind AIR, the gear and tech we are using (several hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment all of which I’m currently in the process of packing!). You’ll be able to chat to Vincent and the team, about what we do, how we are doing it - and hopefully take from our experiences and apply them to your own photo, video or creative projects.

The very privileged view i get from my video seat.
Credit - David Geffin


Even if you can't attend, you can still support the project.

The event details are listed below – please be sure to follow the project Facebook page which is going to have the most current event information listed, and watch for event invite pages which will be up shortly. Attendance is on a first come first served basis so please make sure you grab your spot now if you can make it to ensure we have space.

Project AIR is one of the biggest projects Vincent has been involved in in his career and certainly the biggest project I’ve been involved with since I started my company a couple of years ago. We are really excited to share with each and every one of you more details about the project, and how what we’ve learnt might help you in your own businesses and creative enterprises.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!

Follow Project AIR at:


Facebook – www.facebook.com/laforetair

Twitter – www.twitter.com/laforetair

Instagram – www.instagram.com/vincentlaforet



Event Meet Up Calendar (Note – dates might be subject to change, stay tuned on Facebook for the latest info)

NOTE - the location for Paris Meet Up has changed - we are meeting at The Galerie Joseph - details below


Tuesday, 12 May 2015 from 6pm-8pm (BST)


8 Golden Square 
W1F 9HY Soho
United Kingdom



Monday 18th May 2015 6pm – 8pm 


3 Carrer de Jesús 
08012 Barcelona



Thursday 21th May 2015 6-8pm


Fabrik 23
Gerichtstraße 23 
13347 Berlin



Tuesday 26th May  2015 6-8pm


The Galerie Joseph
21 - 23, rue des Filles du Calvaire
75003 Paris 
David Geffin's picture

David is a full time photographer, videographer and video editor based in New York City. Fashion, portraiture and street photography are his areas of focus. He enjoys stills and motion work in equal measure, with a firm belief that a strong photographic eye will continue to help inform and drive the world of motion work.

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Dang it if only I was in Europe. Now if project air comes to Florida I'm hopping in my car and driving to where ever it is! I've loved the project ever since it was featured here on fstoppers and Between that and Mike Kelly and his aerial work I want to find me a helicopter and give it a try!

I'll be in Paris for two weeks and, of course, I'm leaving that day and will miss your event by just a few hours!

Dang that sucks, sorry Chad - next time!

Because if you don't have a GoPro on your hot shoe, you're just a hobbyist.

Booked my place for Barcelona, Can't wait, 11 more sleeps :)