'Un Petit Tour Dans Paris' Is a Stop-Motion Love Story in the City of Light

French Filmmaker Maxime Baudin recently made this delightful short film in Paris that depicts a flirtatious couple. Baudin utilized stop-motion to make the film and describes it like this: "In a splendid and romantic Paris, while everything is going too fast, a young man rides a ‘bicycle.’ But his simple ride is going to take on a whole new dimension."

I have a deep affection for France — Paris in particular — and found "Un Petit Tour Dans Paris" to be delightful. I exchanged several emails with Baudin and he described his inspiration as "a mix of a lot of things." He said, "The animation part is obviously like a Charlie Chaplin: a mix between reality and cartoon movements. Regarding the colors, we can find the shades of yellow often used in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films. Michel Gondry is also a huge inspiration for me, because of his effects in his films."

The film was shot in only two days, but Baudin and his team used every available hour at their disposal. "We shot during only two days, but we started at 6:00 a.m. and worked until midnight. It was really intense!" The director continued, "The important thing is to have very good planning. Each shot took a really long time to prepare."

Paris is a very busy city, but Baudin said that actually worked in their favor. "I was looking for spots with a lot of people to have the contrast with the characters. It was funny because many tourists wanted to take a picture with them. It was the magic of the unexpected!" he said.

Baudin also offered some simple encouragement for aspiring filmmakers: "Do you have a crazy concept? Just do it! You have to persevere!"

[via Maxime Baudin]

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Very clever.

Wonderful. beautifully shot and edited.

nicely done, and in two days is impressive.

very very good - thanks for sharing :-)