Aaron Nace Puts Some Drama In His Shoot

We've featured Aaron Nace before here on Fstoppers and again he delivers with a really creative photo composite. I'm not exactly sure what the theme is on this one but it's definitely some sort of love story gone wrong. The final image is included at the end.

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Pasolli Philipp's picture

Is there a post production available of this shot?

james darden's picture

I second that. I would have liked to have seen the post work done on this. How was the shot out wall done? Were there a bunch of walls shot up until they got the one they want then added it as a layer?

Yianni M's picture

Totally overdone for me...

Not what I personally call photography but I'm sure it will appeal to some.

Brian Miller's picture

Another request for the post processing. I'm beginning to feel like fstoppers vids are not really BTS but BTS teasers.

Lee Morris's picture

@Brian, I totally agree with you but if people aren't making quality BTSVs then we don't have anything to post.

At this point we feel that it is more important to keep posting at least 1 post per day rather than waiting for perfect BTSVs. If we did we would make 1 post a week. Videos like the one above are more for inspiration than technical knowledge.

We are working as hard as we can (I am editing the next video now actually) to produce Original Fstoppers videos but you cannot imagine how much work goes into producing videos at the quality we want.

alex's picture

awesome shot, I also agree with seeing how it is done. If no video, maybe just some notes or something? I wouldn't even know where to start but love the photo

Olliveah's picture

I'd you follow them on twitter @aaronandavery then you will see their blog posts for all the pics they post.

Chris Forman's picture

Why not Quality over Quantity?
I'm starting to skip over your movies.
No offense, but it's the truth.
I don't want to watch 5 min of hair and makeup, followed by 1 min of actual shoot.

Bryan's picture

You have to understand that Aaron is a master photo retoucher / post process guru / etc.. Take a look at his website.. the guy is about as good as they come. You can take his classes for a great price and he seems to be about as nice as they come in regards to helping people out. But to do a step by step BTS on his post work is something he saves for his classes it would seem. I have been following his work for a couple years.. still jaw dropping what this guy can do with a camera, some lights and photoshop.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

I agree on a post production shot, but it was interesting to see all the pre production too. And while it's not exactly pure photography, it is still creative. And that's enough for me.

Kenn Tam's picture

Not all videos will appeal to everyone but I can almost guarantee that the videos posted here have something for someone; be it a nugget of insight, entertainment value, inspiration or full on education. I do see where some of you are coming from though and for the more seasoned subscriber to fStoppers, it may be worth putting a rating on videos. Or even a user generated rating system. Lee and Patrick have proven that a GOOD BTS video must have certain aspect/criteria ( in fact Lee clearly spells out many of those criteria in an earlier video: http://www.youtube.com/user/FStoppers?feature=chclk#p/u/11/CpkcJI4inH8 ). So, perhaps a video could be given a star for each aspect/criteria that they meet?
Good input guys, thanks for helping fStoppers grow.

Patrick Hall's picture

Glad to see a good conversation going on here. I agree with Ken in that there is no way we can post videos that appeal to everyone. Heck some of our favorite videos don't get the response that videos we think aren't as interesting get sometimes. Our goal is for Fstoppers to be a place where each week there are a handful of videos that you may find useful or interesting relating to video and photography. Usually the Tweet and Facebook shares are a good indicator as to what is popular.

David Keller's picture

if fstoppers posted only one really quality video a week, they'd have a fraction of the traffic they currently have on their site. i agree with their approach-- go for quantity 1st, and then try your best for quality as much as possible (i've been accused of having this same philosophy with women). in other words, keep a steady stream of videos going so that people don't get bored with the site, which they inevitably would if it were only one a week. this video isn't too bad, and fstoppers do a pretty good job of finding good videos considering they post at least one a day.

Wayne Leone's picture

I say keep 'em coming. Photography involves all creative aspects, hair, makeup, styling, sets, not just camera. Most BTSV's appeal to me from beginning to end, some less so but they're great for ideas and inspiration. I hope one day to post one of my own.

Loving the site!

Aaron & Avery's picture

Hi Everyone!
We want our BTSV to be both helpful and entertaining. We have all the technical details posted on our blog from all of our recent photos> http://www.aaronandavery.com/blog/
Also, to see some great before and after photos you should check out my class website here http://www.learnphotoshoplive.com/

Si's picture

I always bookmark the ones i really like and disregard the others... But nearly always i can take a snipping of something useful from each. Since photographers don't really make any cash from BTS vids we should be thankful that any are made at all.

Nito Roberto's picture

Nice shoot
like producer