How To Light and Compose a Parkour Photoshoot

Posing multiple people can be a difficult task as it is, but throw in parkour performers into the mix and the shoot can quickly become tedious, but if done correctly the results can turn out nothing short of amazing. In this video Benjamin Von Wong walks you through the lighting set up he used to bring a three dimensional feel to the photographs. He also explains the different composing techniques he uses to get the posing and composition spot on for the shoot.

Benjamin's gear was sponsored by Vistek and they generously provided 2 Elinchrom Ranger RXs, 2  Ranger Quadras and a host of Rotalux lightmods for his lighting setup since his trusty White Lighting setup wasn't able to go to the shoot with him. He ended shooting the individual sections of the photographs separately and then compositing them in post. That way if a certain artist wasn't in a position he felt they needed to be he could later tweak it.


It seems that composition was the main theme of this conceptual shoot. Ben goes into detail over on his blog about the different lines in the photographs and how that in turn can draw a person's eye to a certain place in the photo or away. He goes over the different shapes and lines that a photograph can make including the famous golden spiral composition concept as seen below.



If you want to read in detail about the composition of these photographs and how he managed to do so while freezing his subjects then head on over to his blog. I can't wait to see what Ben has up his sleeve for the next shoot. It surely won't disappoint that's for sure.

Benjamin Von Wong:


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Thanks for the shoutout Rebecca! :D

I need more wookie arms in my life.

This is so sick!!!

Standard golden points were too mainstream, Lets Fibonacci this!