Alex Prager Was Born In the Wrong Decade

alex prager photographerI have to admit, I really enjoy the bands, artists, photographers and other creative professionals I discover watching Carson Daly's show Last Call. One such artist is Los Angeles based photographer Alex Prager. If I had to describe her work, it would be very editorial in nature with a lot of retro clothing, fashion wigs, and classic Americana references. What I find most inspiring about her work is that she holds nothing back when creating the bright and simple world found in her photographs. Almost every one of her images looks as if it was actually created in 1967 whether it be the hair style, the makeup, the clothing, the cultural references, or even the lighting and film grain. What's even more remarkable is her humble story on how she became a photographer with no formal training at all. If you enjoy this interview from MOMA then watch the more candid video below of Alex talking about her work.

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Man she is really cute.........who else agrees?And it doesn't hurt that she is amazing with a camera!

woah, I love her porfolio! Such a personal and strong style, one of my favorites from now on.

She truly was born from another time. The images are cool and singular.

I dont know much about her but after viewing this I want to learn all I can about her. The images she creatives are stunning with style and beauty. I love the way she looks at her photography, she's very passionate about her work and it shows. She also very easy on the eyes lol

I can say that is an inspiration for people like me that are self taught photographers and knowing that you can be recognize for your talent and not for how many years you spend in photography school. I talked to a lot of photographers that they said have 25 yrs. experience and went to school of photography, and they look at me like I don not belong near them because I don't have the education, but I see their pictures and wonder if they went to school or they were cutting class... great inspirational video.

the girl was great, very honest and very open but the interviewer was horrible!!! look that body language ...come on!!

The body language of the interviewer was very negative and blocked towards Alex Prager, almost as she was not interested in doing the interview or hosting it.

Lovely light-hearted and positive spirit from Alex though.