Beauty Confessional: 1950'sville

Beauty Confessional is a fashion based blog out of the UK but that doesn't mean that their tough motion photos shouldn't be appreciated world wide! I love what photographer Piers Vernon Kell has done with these images and the editing reminds me of something you'd see in a Hitchcock or Woody Allen opener. If you are looking to add a twist to your own photography or simply advertise your own creativity in a new fashion take notes from this video!

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Julian Restrepo's picture

Wow the editing is fantastic and the final images too ...
whats is the BTS song??

John Maxwell's picture

Hi Julian, the song is "Caravan by Gordon Jenkins"

I wonder what software was used to produce this video?

Blargh's picture

Julian: I believe the song is Caravan by Gordon Jenkins. An awesome piece of music.

Blargh's picture

Well, poop. I didn't watch the whole thing before writing my reply. Silly me.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Nicely done. So much better than your standard slideshow of images. I love the processed look of the photos too. Looks like HDR (?), but a little less harsh.

Martin Clark's picture

i really like the concept. noir sort of twist with fasion. pretty good methinks!

collin's picture

How do they get the 3D look. I see that all the time now!