Behind the Shot: Gun Slingers and Super Models

Do you guys remember that show The Shot that was on VH1 maybe 3 years ago? If you do then you probably remember 1st runner up Dean Zulich. Dean has released a great behind the scenes video that outlines everything involved with two of his shot setups. The results are great, and I think this video has something for both the beginner photographer and the experienced photographer. It's nice to hear Dean admit that sometimes you have to shoot on set with the realization that some work will have to be done in post production later.  Great photography isn't always about doing it all in camera or all in post but rather knowing your original vision and making it happen...after all that's the only thing clients care about!

Behind the Shot from Marko Slavnic on Vimeo.

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And if you recall, the host Maria Carmel was the winner of the show The Shot and you can check out her work here:

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Great video I wish we'd have this kind of set in Europe...


Without a doubt, the finest BTS/Tut yet!

Well done folks...

Great BTS video .. inspired me ...

I enjoyed the video, the results however not so much. I thought it might just be the video but the image on his site are blurry (gunslinger photo). The second image looks extremely flat. I browsed for a while through his pics, and there is some amazing work in there but I don't think these are in that category. Even still there are a few fashion shoot images that were the foreground subjects and background appear to be completely out of focus. I'm not sure how effective blurry photos of clothing are to sell. The rest of his stuff is gold. :P

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I like the explanations for everything, it's very good for people to understand what he sees. I am also kind of not impressed with the final results though, and I'm not sure why, I'd expect them to be more crisp.

Maybe it's just me, but when he was shooting it looked like his lens was moving around a ton. I'm really surprised he wasn't using some type of mono/tripod to steady the camera or a remote trigger to lessen the camera shake.

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I'm not sure I see the same 'blurry' photos you guys see. The first main image is nice and sharp on the model in the foreground and at 200mm I'd think the distance models would be a little softer. It could also be the video rendering and what not too. You also have to remember that sometimes these shoots are staged a bit since a video crew is on hand and you never really know if your best shot is going to happen while the camera is rolling.

Prove the center works!! He should say the center here will work because the condition are the right ones for it! but Maria bring him to earth and his cocky attitude lol

Sry my english.

I was actually a huge fan of that show and Dean was by far the most talented photographer. In my opinion these images are not up to his caliber. Great BTS though and I hope to see more from Dean soon.

Only thing I see that is not right for me is lighting. Lights are coming from left and right which makes the image a bit unnatural. The guy in the foreground and the girl model seem to be lit from the camera right and the guy in the middle has the lighting coming from the camera left.

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Awesome. Always cool to see how the pros work.

Great,Professional,and inspiring! Man has brains and is not ashamed to show his creativity and originality, it is not "sharpness" that matters it is you have a balls to brake the rules! Video is solid:)

Maria Carmel says that a light is Bare-Bulb with No Modifier, but she is Clearly Wrong! The light has a Reflector, which is a Modifier. Bare-Bulb means just that, No Reflector of any kind.
Knowing the RIGHT WORDS (proper names of lights, modifiers, grip equipment) is VERY IMPORTANT. If I tell a new assistant I want a Bare-Bulb head on a Light Stand and s/he brings me a head with a Reflector on a C-Stand, then I'm forced to give a Photo 101 Class in front of the Client. If you make me do this you won't be back for my next shoot - simple as that!

hey guys, thanks for watching! we had a blast making it!

c.d. - that "bare bulb" line was actually a voice-over (script from the director) that was recorded after the vid was shot and edited - so it was months after. yes, i am a photographer, but in this case, i'm just the host! truly sorry if the info was incorrect - we aim to keep it as accurate as possible, of course!

thanks for your comment though - a good catch!

bruno - haha i love dean and his attitude, it's part of his charm! he can back it up with skill, of course!

thanks again for the comments guys! happy holidays AND shooting to everyone!


Bare bulb is a flash with no modifier! ether you say it or not!

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I might be in trouble then, I refer to a flash as Barebulb in our next FS Original...I think you guys get the drift though

Wow this was actually a really good one! I like how the guy admits he was wrong... and finds solutions

Not like those others where they act like they know it all

good job!

Dean was robbed on the show! Glad to see he's still at it.