BTS With Underwater Fashion Photographer Mallory Morrison

The team over at [Framed] has created another great BTSV, this time with underwater fashion photographer Mallory Morrison. Mallory, a dancer for 23 years, uses her history in the field to help direct her models under the water. I've attempted underwater photography like this before, and it is so much harder than it looks. Check out the video below to see a master at work.

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 Fantastic! very inspiring

Dong Fu's picture

i think she is more beautiful than models ^^

Robert Barnes's picture

^^My sentiments exactly.  She is gorgeous!  I would rather see her model the clothes.

bergonzzi's picture

Loved it! I wonder if she was inspired by Howard Schatz's Pool Light.

I always get inspired by underwater fashion photography (and I'm not even a fashion photographer).  It's such a shame that the barrier for entry is so high (ie. cost).  Something I'd love to try one day.