[BTS Video] The 2012 D1 Combine Class

In this video, Photographer Tyler Oxendine takes us behind the scenes on his shoot for the 2012 D1 Combine Class. In the first lighting setup, he's using two Alienbee B800's with a PLM Umbrella and a yellow gel attached. In the second setup, Tyler dropped down to using just one of the Alienbee B800's with a PLM Umbrella. In his third and final setup, he used a simple Canon 580ex speedlight inside of a Photoflex LiteDome.

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with the amount of light at disposal, I'm surprised at the low quality of the images. Could've also used a PLM white diffusion fabric, as well as better background exposure.

I also don't understand what the bid deal is in featuring this. Don't mean to sound so harsh, but. . . .

Not a fan of the shadows on the face from the lighting or a fan of the gels. Or even the background too. Its like he couldn't decide to isolate from the background and black it out or bring it out a little more, especially in the last frame that shows in the preview.

Not even his posing (IMO) is that good. Cropping the entire sides of the subject and that awkward out-of-focus hand shot...

I have said this before, the fstoppers quality content is very low now. Sorry to say but the new guys need to work harder to get my 5*. 

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Agreed. I prefer the "golden days" of thoughtful additions where there was actually time to savor and reflect on the point of the well-selected story. 

Sadly, I have to agree. What brought me here first was the FStoppers Original Videos (mostly the Vegas impromptu shoot). At the beginning, Fstoppers was like a breath of fresh air, being the first and only blog solely about BTS videos.

Nowadays, I feel like the team is surfing on its own popularity. An awful lot of the stuff featured is taken from PetaPixel. I already have them on my RSS reader, don't need FS to feed me with the same stuff again. There's been some good moves made like the creation of Weds Rundown and the Armenta PPT videos, but the blog has wandered a bit too far from its starting point.

Just my 0,02 $.

Agree with 
correia247 here. Low quality content. For the las month, I accesed the site just a 2 or 3 times and vene then just quick browsing, because nothing seems catch my attention. I and, I may be the only one but i'm getting sick of the Nikon D Who cares? Release and reviews. As you guys said, Photography is not about the gear you have, It's about the ideas si I would like to see more impressive and creative ideas on this site instead of gear stories.