[BTS Video] BYU Students Photograph Computer Hackers For FS Contest

Jaren Wilkey is the manager of Brigham Young University's photography department (perhaps he helped on this shoot?). His Behind The Scenes Contest submission idea was to create a photoshoot that played off a news story there at the university. Jaren and his students set out to produce an editorial type image featuring computer hackers. These hackers weren't the malicious type you typically think of but rather the winners of a large computer science hacking competition. Check out what Jaren and his students came up with and they even used the Eye-fi to ipad tethering tip we exposed here. Congrats guys and good luck with the contest!

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So cool! Looked like tons of fun.

This does not make BYU's photo program look very good!

Yeah Im with Cameron on that, just watched the BYU football teams shoot on their youtube account and was much more impressed with that.. 
But either way, congrats on generating the concept and photographing it. 

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Yeah, I agree with the above, the end results were not very good. The idea is great but it could of used some work.

laaame, damn mormons!! :D

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The end results were really weak.