Chase Jarvis Shoots Womens PGA (A While Ago)

What does a guy have to do to find a high quality, informative BTSV around here? Apparently I have to start looking at videos that were released years ago.

Here is a quick BTS Chase made over 2 years ago. We haven't ever posted it but if you have seen it, don't get mad at us; good BTSVs are hard to come by these days.

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This is a great video and one that I saw a while back. One unfortunate thing however is one of the LPGA players is Eric Blasberg, the rising star who recently passed away.

Nice! I've been a huge fan of Chase for a while and he had a lot of good BTS and informative vids for someone just starting out!

This is one of the most in-depth BTS I've ever seen. Another reason that shows why Chase Jarvis is the man.

Wow, I saw this one maybe two years ago and it still sticks. I'm actually gonna try this kind of shoot any time soon even though I've never shot golf.
Thanks for the reminder and thanks for a great site