[Contest Entry] Cory Albrechtson Shoots Watermelon Fashion

Things have been pretty quiet in terms of video submissions for our big 2011 BTS Contest and I know that everyone is planning to have theirs done last minute. Let me give you a little advice, DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. As submissions are posted on the forum we will be posting our favorites on Fstoppers. If you submit your video with the masses the very last day, it will not get the attention it deserves. In this submission Dave Gruentzel (who is a still photographer) decided to film a his buddy Cory Albrechtson's new fashion concept. Cory was inspired by a simple fabric print and from that came this whole shoot. Check out the full post to see the final image.

The first image is presented upside down as Corey wanted it but I also like it right side up and sideways. Which is your favorite?
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Lee Morris's picture

Great job guys! I personally like the image flipped right side up. It's very difficult for me to look at a human face upside down. 

Yeah I'm feeling the same way. 

The Dark Room Co.'s picture

great concept!

This is a good example of how much orientation changes a photo. The way the lighting is set up is awkward (to me) if it's upside down because the lighting is coming up from the bottom of the frame. Another vote for right side up!

As a black man, i was devastated when i saw the Watermelons being smashed on the pavement haha... nah i'm kidding... dope concept... love it

Cory put her upside down to create an uneasy feeling. "I've done a couple of other upside down photos and it represents death or dying. Also I am trying to avoid that feeling of is she standing or lying down by having her right side up."

oh, and i vote for sideways

Really nice work! Loved the final images 

somo times you only need one light and a cool idea

ohno studio's picture

Really good from start to finish. I am so bored by bad pedestrian attempts at fashion shooting. Both novel and entertaining here.