[Contest Entry] Shooting The BYU Gymnastics Team Soaking Wet

We are still making our way through all 179 contest entries and posting our favorites as we come to them. I'm a big fan of the BYU Photo Team's shoot below which involved shooting the girls with splashing water. By soaking the gymnasts right before they jump, the team is able to capture the motion of their moves with the water. By placing the models on a black background and then lighting them from behind, the water really stands out and the final images look fantastic.

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Noam Galai's picture

really really good!

Very nice!

shot views on the tablet, too!

Wow!! The final images were stunning! I wish we could see some of the post.

Martin Booth's picture

Was he using the Eyefi cards for that? will have to pick some up when I go to England, no suppliers here in NZ :(

Jaren Wilkey's picture

Thanks guys, we're glad that you enjoyed it. We used Eye-Fi cards and the Shuttersnitch App on our iPad to import the images. We've created a behind the scenes post on our blog that explains the whole setup and shows more images, check it out at: http://photo.byu.edu/pages/water-gymnastics-poster

Ron Sanchez's picture

wow, love it 

Just goes to show how versatile those relatively cheap Einstein's can be...  I mean seriously why chuck all that hard earn cash to Profoto or such likes.   Great freeze action and beautiful post.