David Jackson Creates a Creepy Circus

David Jackson is a commercial photographer based out of Appleton, Wisconsin and this week he has released a personal project entitled "Circus". Dave puts a lot of effort into not only every detail of this shoot but also in explaining why it is important to shoot for yourself and not just for clients. You only book the types of jobs you already have in your portfolio and if you want to book something new down the road you really have to go out and shoot similar images for yourself first...and for free. This first video is a bit long and has few BTS clips but there is also a second less informative BTS video just for the shoot itself. Both videos are in the full post and if you want to see the final images check them out here. David also has a second post outlining in complete detail every element of the photoshoot which is really worth checking out here. Lots of videos, lots of posts, but a pretty cool concept.

Shear Chaos Salon Circus Shoot :: Technical Banter from David Jackson on Vimeo.

Shear Chaos Salon Circus Shoot :: Behind The Scenes from David Jackson on Vimeo.

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Scott Bourke's picture

David Jackson is a legend for sitting down like this to explain everything from the idea, set design, lighting and then the final product. Reminds me a lot of Gregory Heisler's whiteboard videos

Three things: 1. Super detailed break down
2. So much work went into this for a personal shoot
3. Love the shot of the twins. Looks more like Tim Burton than Tim Burton has in years.

Leonardo Baldenegro's picture

Im sorry, but most of all the video is just talk and talk, is very boring, if someone wants to learn about how he make his work is better if show the process in photoshoot and post production in computer.
Sorry for my bad english.

Leonardo Baldenegro Díaz
Mexicali, Baja California.

Patrick Hall's picture

Leonardo, what are you talking about? There is a second BTS video that shows the day of shooting and the two articles I linked to show both the photoshop and the production. I don't think I've seen a more detailed blog post ever about a photoshoot. Click on the links and see if that explains more of what you were looking for.

Leonardo Baldenegro's picture

Hi Patrick. Im sorry but in the moment in my computer i dont see the view full post, thats why i dont see the second video, im sorry if u take my first comment like a bad comment.
Thanks for all ur videos.



It's funny that you should post this since i sent you the strobist link a few hours ago!

Nice find! ;)

Sorry, we are a few days behind. David sent us this video days ago

Soooo stoked to see Appleton represent!! Yea David! Kick ass video!