How To Light A Land Rover By Tim Wallace

I just ran across this quick BTS of a Land Rover photoshoot. The video itself isn't that impressive but the photography sure is. It's really interesting to see how Tim Wallace determined his lighting. First he focused on the ambient light for the background and then after he had that locked in he added 3 strobes to fill in the car but keep the sky dark.

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The lighting is great, but the exposure on the sky really makes these photos and sets the mood.

Wow! That music has to be the most annoying music in the world, especially since i haven't had my morning cup of coffee yet..
The lighting's great though..

This is a great post. I always enjoy a behind the scenes post. You guys really nail them. I've always been curious about lighting a car and this was a great example. Thanks!

Tim has really mastered his craft! He is even doing more exploits in 2013 now!!!