How To Photograph A Movie Theater By Rich Legg

Rich Legg is a successful stock photographer, and he goes all out in this video as he tries to make the prefect stock photo of a movie theater audience. If you haven't checked out stock photography, I highly encourage you to sign up and test your skills. Nothing proves whether your photography is marketable or not like putting it up on a site like shutterstock or istockphoto. This video is great on how to light large groups and also how to efficiently gather model releases from a large pool of model.

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That was awesome :)

craig obrist's picture

That was really cool. Now thats how to get model releases! I just find it so hard to find mixed race stock photo's online. It always ends up being white folks:(

That was cool. I really appreciated how he discussed the sign-in process, which isn't something that photographers normally discuss but can be really helpful to know when the time comes.

I love the vid and the results look great. Would have really liked to have seen some shots with color gels on the lights for more variety, as one rarely sees a movie theatre audience bathed in pure white light. There is almost always some color in the light hitting them in real life. V2 maybe? ;)