Jay P Morgan Shoots 50's Style

I just got off the phone with Jay P Morgan, a big production photographer out of California. Jay shoots usually entail big concepts and bigger set designs but in this video he keeps it relatively simple. Check out Jay's lighting scheme for this 50's style shoot.

50's Shot using a Beauty Dish & OctoDome. from Jay P. Morgan on Vimeo.

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Good Speedotron commercial 8-D An not a bad tutorial.

If you want to put diffusion behind the grid on a PCB or Profoto dish use Roscoe ΒΌ 216, set it on the face of the dish and then push grid into place. It's tough enough to resist the heat, but you should punch some holes for air circulation to keep the light cool (or just turn the modeling light down/off). If you own an Einstein, you have been warned!