Mick Gleissner Takes Us Underwater

Mick Gleissner is an underwater fashion photographer. Watch MG talk about some of the safety issues and unique challenges he faces in this fashion photography niche. It's truly amazing to see his images after knowing what all he and the models have gone through to create each photo.

Check out more of Mick's incredible images at www.mickgleissner.com

Mick Gleissner's Underwater Photography from Mick Gleissner on Vimeo.

Patrick Hall is the cofounder of Fstoppers.com and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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awsome video!

That's an impressive undertaking and some great photos.

Did anyone else notice the fact that whoever was doing the video forgot to replace the placeholder text on the captions?

Really cool video. I enjoy watching other photographers work and see their thought process.

Holy Cow! What a production! Thats insane... way to have a project in mind and actually do it.