Mike Folden Shoots An Album Cover

I've had some great BTS videos piling up here so I am going to post them all now. Check out the video below where Mike Folden shoots an album cover for "The Resume".

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Mario's picture

Nice shots and song! Great video too.

Mike Folden's picture

Thanks Mario! This was a really fun shoot for me. The planning really helped alleviate a lot of stress.

You can grab Shorte's album soon at indastreetlyfemusic.com.

Thanks to fStoppers for helping me out and throwing up this video! you guys provide awesome content and I'm super stoked to be here!


rjbradbury's picture

Great work Mike, love seeing what people can do with grids having recently started to use them. The shots work really well in telling the story and setting the scenes.

D's picture

Nice work bro...The lighting in the office really expresses the mood and how serious the shot was. Really like the shot of him looking at the building he's about to go into.. Congrats!

Mike Folden's picture

Thanks guys! It was my first time using these grids and I'm super glad I picked them up. They really let you hone in on where you want the light. I used speedlights for years so when I moved to the AB's and WL's, I had to get used to the light spread.

I really appreciate the feedback!