Pete Souza Photographs President Obama...365 Days A Year

Fstoppers Forum member DPC shared this teaser video about a new BTS series PBS is doing on US Presidental photographer Pete Souza. It's pretty interesting to hear the issues Pete faces day in and day out shooting one of the most well known figures in the world. If you are able to tune into PBS, you can check the schedule for The President's Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office. Click on the full post to watch a very lengthy interview with Pete about the issues he faces as a photojournalist working for the US Commander In Cheif and be sure to check out the offical White House Flickr Page for a ton of Pete's images.

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Jason's picture

What an amazing job. The access he has is amazing and I would love to have his job. I'm really looking forward to watching this. Thanks for posting this.

William Smith's picture

I got the chance to see this amazing documentary the other night. I couldn't imagine the workload associated with 20-80 thousand images a month. Without a doubt Pete, and his two associates, produce some amazing work for history.

Tyler Green's picture

I happened to catch this on PBS last week and I was shocked at how awesome it was. I really enjoyed the interaction between Pete and the President. It seemed as if they had a really great working relationship. At one point, Pete's battery dies and he has to change bodies. It appeared as if there was an insane amount of pressure on him to get his lens changed immediately. Yes Pete Can!

Justin's picture

O man i saw this a couple of days ago and its awesome really makes you look at what makes a good photograph

George's picture

Very insightful. Thanks!

lisa's picture

i saw the documentary. 80,000 pictures a month!? crazy. crazy awesome, that is.

Burt Johnson's picture

Unfortunately, this was shown on PBS on Nov 24 (last week) and is not being shown again "within the next two weeks", so no idea when it will show up, and no way to TiVo it. :(

Patrick Hall's picture

It's actually being shown on the 3rd here in South Carolina so you may still get to catch it depending on where you live

Thomas Woodson's picture

Good news, the documentary is now on Netflix for instant streaming! I'll probably be watching it later.

Daniel Nordin's picture

When I heard Morgan Freeman's voice I knew it was going to be good!