Photographing The New Pepsi Super Car BTSV

Pepsi Australia recently teamed up with Kelly Racing to produce the Pepsi Max super car. Photographer Chris Benny was hired to shoot the new car and lucky for us, he filmed a quick BTSV of the production. As with many shoots, the weather became a problem but Chris had a backup plan. With a little post work Chris made the outside shots pop and then moved the car inside to finish the shoot.

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Some awesome car shots here.  I'd love to see the setup!

Maybe next time I'll watch the video before commenting...

Only problem with the shot of the car moving......It's driverless

Thomas's picture

I see a black helmet in the moving image, maybe it' s my mind playing tricks on me though now that I am trying to find a human resemblence. Australians sit on the right.

Where these all shot using ambient out doors and then the Profoto head inside? Also does anybody know how they balanced the shadow on the second last image?

Josh Hway's picture

I shoot cars. This guy definitely has some impressive work.