Veterans Of The Fighting Lady

My good friend Diana Deaver just sent this video over that she recently helped created and I really love it. 8 of the top photographers in the area got together to shoot portraits of US veterans in Charleston and listen to their incredible stories. I believe Diana shot this video and her stills using the 5D Mark II. This photography exhibit will be open to the public on November 5th. Projects like these are really what make me love living in Charleston, SC.

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And if you are a new reader you may want to check out the video we did showcasing the work of Brownie Harris:

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wow.... is all i can say, and thank you for your Dedication to the Vets..., my father was on the USS Chicago CG-11 during its commission and served during Vietnam... I can relate to this so much, and would like to say Thank You for sharing this video, one of the few videos about photography that my father got up from his chair to come and watch... again Thank You

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That's kinda funny, I think this is the kind of project you wish people would copy. Those stories need to be told, those people need to be kept alive somehow (be it on paper, on film, digitally, however you can). Great video and greater idea ! Maybe I'll borrow it soon...

Oh and btw, hello Hunter McRae ! Wow, I totally need to get down to Charleston, there seems to be a lot of... photography talent !

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Thanks for this. Very touching.

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Hunter McRae has a fantastic voice and smiling eyes. Me liekes.

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I thought Brownies Harris´s portrait was the best. All very good.

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Very powerful. I would love to see this type of project come to Tampa.

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This is a very moving and real documentary video. Thank you very much for sharing it!