5 Different Ways To Light Your Subjects For Videos Or Stills

In the video below Jay P Morgan explains 5 different lighting setups that he uses during his shoots. I am usually not a huge fan of videos like these but once again Jay has done a fantastic job and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

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Shirley Peters's picture

Great vid... worth watching to the end... :)

Remko's picture

Nice video. Did not see that ending coming though... LOL.

Robert E Holley's picture

Good stuff, the ending caught me off guard and was funny as hell. Awsome find!

Peter MacDonald's picture

I've seen all these lighting styles explained in books but this video has got to be easiest way to remember the various positions. Easy to follow and easy to set up. I rarely shoot with flash and never with studio lighting so it's a good place to start or a good refresher. Thanks.

Simon's picture

Informative and very funny!

Peter Durk's picture

Agree completely with Shirley, and.........love the ending. Made me chuckle at 07:00 this morning.

Thanks, Peter

Eddie Peterson's picture

It's amazing what youcan learn in such a short amount of time, this is a keeper! Brilliant ending....is she ok?

Hannes Moser's picture

thanks for this amazing end of the video *lol*

JustinH's picture

The end was hilarious LOL.

Max's picture

Haha, thanks guys. Jay P Morgan is da best.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

The timing of this for me is great! I am shooting a young female rock guitarist this weekend, and these techniques will come in very handy! Thank You! Thank You!

Martin Jensen's picture

HAHA love the ending!!

Gray Tan's picture

Wow! Good information. Love the ending.

Gary Coronado's picture

Did that thing at the end really happen? Was that choreographed? WTF!

Dan Amezcua's picture

I just about fell off my chair laughing at the end of this video. I can't tell you how many times I've WANTED to do that :D

Simon Fuller's picture

You learn something new all the time. Jay. P. Morgan thanks very much.

Serge's picture

No matter how many times I watch videos on "the basics" I always get something out of them. Thanks J P Morgan! Funny ending.

Mitch McMillan's picture

its funny how many of these types of vids i have seen a 'tech'.. and they always have bad comedy in them.

George's picture

Great job explaining the different lighting types. Maybe the next video can discuss when to use specific lighting configurations to bring out the best in different subjects depending on gender, age, facial structure, etc.

The end was funny but I laughed before that with the random bicyclist riding through the set during the last overhead explanation of lights.

Jay P.'s picture

Not many people catch the Bike. I love the bizarre.

Justin Bailey's picture

Great little refresher on lighting tips, the ending is worth waiting for! Thanks guys keep them coming, I LOVE FSTOPPERS!!!

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Jeff's picture

awesome but simple video!!!!! Thanks for posting!!!

She's beautiful, and a great stunt girl too.