[Behind The Scenes] How To Photograph Birds of Prey In The Studio

Photographing birds out in the wild seems pretty tough. Oregon photographer Jon Myers wanted to make the challenge even tougher by bringing the birds into his studio. Using large softboxes to create a space for the birds to fly, Jon was able to photograph eagles, ospreys, and hawks perfectly while in flight. The shots are spectacular, and if you click the full post you can see them shot against grey as well.

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How photographing tame, trained birds which hover or fly short, predictable distances in a controlled environment with plenty of ample light and short focal ranges is MORE difficult than photographing wild birds is beyond me. Nice pics, though.

RUSS's picture

I am not sure how he " made things tougher" by bringing in the tamed birds.
BUT the photos are awesome :-)

Patrick Hall's picture

I just mean it's tough getting bird shots in natural light when they are flying for 20 seconds...in the studio they can only fly for 4 seconds and the light is artificial.  Seems tough