[BTS Video] Dancing Bears In UK Cereal Commercial

Weetabix Food Company recently produced a new commercial to advertise their Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Cereal. The young hiphop dancer in the video is talented, Arizona Snow, and the Teddy Bears - well, they're actually giant life-size costumes. Weetabix brought in professional hiphop dancers to dance inside of the costumes in front of a green screen. The concept behind the commercial is the cereal sparks kids imaginations. Regardless, it's pretty awesome to watch this little girl tear it up.

Behind the Scenes
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Jeremy Zeigler's picture

That video is amazing.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

actors rocks
dancers rocks
designers rocks
all crew is awesome,
but commercial sucks. The idea is just stupid.

For us adults - yeah might suck - but seen from the perspective of a kid - it's a bit different.

Jason Vinson's picture


I absolutely abhor quick-cut editing like this. It's the standard approach to action movies these days, for instance. Actual choreography is so rare anymore. 

Mind you it's possible that there was decent choreography going on here. But with this kind of editing we'll never know. Cut this fast and you can make even the most spastic behavior look deliberate. :( 

Robert Varkevisser's picture

guess I've been eating the wrong cereal lately... 

Andrew Houser's picture

I remember seeing this while I was over in Cornwall/Devon back in September (when it launched). I showed it to everyone :) The music, by the way, is New World by Mord Fustang.