[Education] Mark Wallace Is Coming To A City Near You

[Education] Mark Wallace Is Coming To A City Near You

Most of you know Mark Wallace as the face behind Adorama TV. He's a very accomplished photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona and we recently were able to share some drinks with him when we filmed Blair Bunting's Aventador video. Mark gave us a little glimpse about his 2012 Workshop Tour and now the details are finally able to be revealed. If you are a fan of Mark, which we hope you are, click the full post to hear about his new 7 city tour!

The Mark Wallace Photography Workshops Tour kicks off May 24-27 in Phoenix, Arizona and visits seven U.S. cities through the fall of 2012. This isn’t just one lecture-style-note-taking sort of class, either. Mark's classes are totally interactive and hands on. You can even pick and choose from four different workshops over the four days Mark will be in your city:

Lightroom 4 Workflow, a step-by-step guide to the program that’s perfect both for beginners and those who’ve used Lightroom before.

Digital Photography: Essential Training, for those of you who are looking for a solid foundation in creating quality images.

Studio Lighting for Portrait Photography, where Mark explains lighting principles and then brings them to life on stage.

Working With Speedlights, a fun, interactive workshop that can bring everyone’s photography to the next level.

Over the years, Fstoppers has featured a lot of Mark’s photography tutorials from his YouTube channel and his show over at Adorama.com. Mark has a teaching style that can make even the most complicated subjects strikingly clear. Well get ready because Mark is on his way to a city near you! If you've enjoyed the free content Mark has had featured on Fstoppers, then you definitely need to catch up and hang out in person.

Check out MarkWallaceWorkshops.com for dates and registration in these 2012 cities: Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX; Miami, FL; Houston, TX.

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Sweet! I've worked a few times with Mark and been to a few of his workshops. Super nice guy and full of knowledge.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah I agree.  So many educators are quick to gain the ego and become unapproachable.  Mark is super down to earth and has always felt like "one of the guys".  Hopefully he will be able to extend his tour to more cities in the near future

Jacques's picture

Mark is absolutely fantastic in sharing knowledge in an easily understandable way, yet takes one all the way to the complex level.  I can't recommend him enough for learning about photography techniques.

I would, however, venture to other people for artistic inspiration.