The Bugatti Glamour 2009 Backstage

Our website is finally working again as the traffic from the iPhone video slows down. We are going to get back to releasing 1 BTS video every day. Friday night we had an Fstoppers get together in NYC and it was a big hit. About 22 photographers showed up including Tkae Mendez. Tkae just sent this great BTS video over to me. Enjoy...

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Shane Parker's picture

Absolutely breathtaking cars! The intro was annoyingly long, I would have liked seeing more of the cars and location setup.

Lee Morris's picture

I agree... duno what is up with the intro

IPBrian's picture

Very cool video, but I agree on the intro.

Mike Gilbert's picture

Looks like the editor had some fun with the "find edges' filter in After Effects for that intro. Definitely interesting seeing the use of hot lights for the shoot. The soft style of light certainly fits the graceful lines of the cars.

Shane O'Donnell's picture

Amazing automobiles and photography. I would like to see an FS attempt at recreating a similar auto shoot. Maybe something with Pintos, Pacers and Gremlins. You know, the American classics:)

Mark Turner's picture

I love these old cars with a passion. But this is possibly the most boring video ever!

Lee Morris's picture

What I found interesting is that they didn't shoot the cars in a studio. To control ambient light they simply shot outside at night. That's exciting for all of us that don't have huge studios.

Steve Masiello's picture

Beautiful cars and photographs. I love the lighting. Here's another nice car shoot video you may or may not have seen.