Contest Entry: Sean Armenta Deconstructs A Beauty Shot

We knew there were going to be a lot of last minute contest videos submitted but never would we have thought this many of you would have waited until the last minute. I want to thank everyone for participating but I'll give no sympathy to those who lost lots of sleep this weekend trying to meet deadlines since you had 90 days to do this! Sean Armenta's BTS video is the latest of the last minute entries, and in it he shows how you can create clean and professional beauty shots just like you seen the pages of women's magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Glamour. All of this was also done with just one light which should help those of you on a budget. Check out Sean's website as well since he has some amazing photos in his portfolio!

Sean Armenta | One Light Beauty Setup from Sean Armenta on Vimeo.

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Jorge Pastrana's picture

these is a great video, for shooting beauty shoots on a budget, i will try these metod soon

Beautiful girls. Love the makeup!

While there's no question that Sean is a talented and very knowledgeable photographer, and I appreciate the content of this video, the audio quality leaves much to be desired. It's easily improved by using an external lapel microphone connected directly to the camera. Everything else about this video is very well done, in my opinion. It was very well conceptualized, shot, and edited.

Anyone know the type of art paper he is using by name at the art store. I went looking for some of this stuff but I'm not sure i got the right one.

Only just come across this, very cool and has already been said beautiful model !