Every Person Has Two Faces. What Is Your Best Side?

Nobody's face is perfectly symmetrical but it's very difficult for our brains to notice the differences in each side. Jesper Petersson recently worked on a unique project that involved shooting a group of people and then using each side of their face to create two new, perfectly symmetrical faces. It's really shocking to see how different each side of a face can be.

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José Tomás Tocino's picture

This is creepy and disgusting to a certain degree

Amazing how we can be so different by side

Lee Morris's picture

It was really interesting to me that most of the people looked really strange or even ugly when they were perfectly symmetrical which is the exact opposite of what I have always been told. 

True, then that means that the true beauty is in how imperfects we really are.  Thanks for the post Guys : )

Zack Williamson's picture

very impressive photoshop work.

its interesting checking out the analytics on vimeo: the bigger this site gets, the more noticeable the jump in views. the fstoppers effect basically drives 1500+ viewers to a video in a morning

Patrick Hall's picture

and today is a super slow day...it is interesting to watch though

Jon Somers's picture

Interesting video, would have been cool to see the original side placed over the flipped portion, to help point out what in fact was different.  Funny how some of them go from looking anorexic on one side to plump on the other.  Pretty neat!

These are brilliant! Fascinating yet simple. 

David Senf's picture

This is a really fun thing to do. I think there are several reasons why the faces look unnatural, the mirrored catchlights being one of them. You also have to make really sure to shoot the subjects straight on, otherwise you distort the faces so that one eye looks closer to the nose than the other one and also the jaw lines may appear to be different. While this is true for almost all faces anyway, shooting at an (even ever so slight) angle can exaggerate this and lead to even more alien-like head shapes.

Ralph Leo Bennett's picture

This is something that I've always noticed photography subjects, some simply have a better side... and this really puts it all into perspective, albeit a freaky and surreal perspective.

From now on, I shall remember to try pick up hot chicks with my *good side* showing eh? :P

Laura Eliza's picture

That was slightly disturbing, but in a cool way! I kinda wish they had showed what the person looked like and then showed the picture though... just to put a bit more perspective on it. Still, very interesting! I'm going to have to go try this now, I'm curious what I will look like!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Deserves a higher rating. Refreshingly simple premise with a (relatively) simple execution. 

Another example of a nimble, creative idea trumping need for brawny equipment.

Randy Richards's picture

Pretty interesting work. Not entirely new but it's a nice presentation of the fact that one can produce such different facial features by simply copying one side of the face onto the other. That and the fact that some of them look hilarious, lol. 

very cool concept. i love the side by side presentations of the final product. i wish i would have thought of this :(

David Maixner's picture

Czech artist Jiri David created similar series in 1991-1995... He photographed some famous artists. E.g. http://artlist.cz/?id=4275