Fstoppers Welcomes Klaus!

This week we are going to be featuring some of our favorite BTS videos submitted to our Behind the Scenes Contest that ends this Saturday! When this video from photographer Klaus (if he really even is a photographer) was posted on our Forum, it sparked up a lot of dialog. It may not be the most complicated photoshoot or even the most educational but it is the most fun and entertaining photoshoot of all of the contest entries. Photography and photographers need a sense of humor and this video accomplishes just that. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure you have your videos completed and posted by Saturday night!

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Awesome! Hilarious! I could not stop laughing.

brilliant. more klaus-stuff, please! :)

hahaha Vote #1 Klaus!

Haaa. His german/french-ish accent fries my brain. I worked so hard to get rid of it...

Absolutely hilarious! I continue to be amazed what you can do with 1 flash/umbrella and some felt backdrop. :)

+1 for more Klaus!

Very funny!

It may not have been the most complicated, but perhaps actually one of the most helpful in terms of straightforward practical tips. Maybe geared for a lower skill level than some of these high-budget BTS videos. Klaus FTW!

This was so funny, great job man.

Garrett looks oddly similar to Klaus.

Just because we are both so handsome doesn't mean that you need to be prejudiced. LOL

Loved the "Klaus" Great job on your video!

Sorry guys I'm not digging this. Is this a joke? It should go to the joke section...