Getting Wet With The Cast Of Hawaii Five-O

If you watched my video on how to photograph wakeboarding then you know I'm a big advocate of throwing water at your subjects during a photoshoot! So needless to say I was excited when this behind the scenes video surfaced showing how photographer Art Streiber shot the hero shots for the television show Hawaii Five-O. The whole lighting setup is pretty straightforward: one beauty dish and a bunch of back lights for the water splashes. To create the wave splash look Art fired high pressure water at each of the cast members with a 4,000 gallon water truck. Check out the final image below as well as a few behind the scenes stills from the production.

If you are having trouble with the main video due to regional limitations, try this video:

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Maja's picture

CBS blocked the video in my country.

Louis Rosenthal's picture

mine too - how about throwing this video up on facebook or something that doesn't engage in stupid "we don't like you because your flag has less than 13 stripes" activity?

Louis Rosenthal's picture


go to and click on videos supported, then you can search the name of the video: "Hawaii Five-0 -Behind the Scenes of the Photoshoot"

hope that does it for the rest of the non-US countries!

Thomas Rosendahl's picture

Same here :(
And that youtubeproxy site, is temp. down :(

Will Dickerson's picture

oh how I love Grace Park....and she isn't even from one of those countries with "13 stripes" on their flag....

@ louis- the US is ONE country...we only have one,dont be a hater!!

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Yeah sorry about the video being blocked in some areas. It's owned by CBS so I can't just uploaded myself. Click on the full post to see some behind the scenes should be able to get an idea of what the short 1:30 video is about.

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Thomas Rosendahl's picture

Thank you Rui :)

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thx guys. now i can watch the vid.

Antoine Thisdale's picture

Quite cool video. Was wondering what they used for the water shots ... only a beauty dish? cool!