How Different Sized Softboxes Work Best For Your Portraits

Understanding how different sized softboxes work usually requires a bunch of tests or just good ole trial and error. Luckily photographer Jay P Morgan has done all the dirty work for you and shows how different sized Photoflex softboxes create unique spreads and quality of light. I find smaller softboxes are great for location portraits because of their compact size and soft yet edgy light. However you may prefer something larger depending on the specific look you are trying to achieve. If you enjoy Jay's videos, check out some of his older posts we have featured on Fstoppers.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Jay is the elder statesman of friendly, humble, gifted teaching. He makes the complex simple. So helpfully transparent, especially compared to Annie Leibovitz BTS videos where you have to be disciplined to observe and learn on your own  :)

(Having said that, I find myself more intrigued than ever to "exit stage left" and try the opposite... hard, continuous lighting. It's like flipping a mental switch... hard/soft; strobe/continuous. He's offering workshops this October here in Chicago. I'm intrigued by:

First thing that popped into my head was why not show us the difference between the different sizes with grids. AND comparisons need to be more full screen/split screen without moving boxes. Motivated viewers don't need video efx. Good info though. Thanks for sharing.

Joop van Roy's picture

Softblox? huh?

Benicio Murray's picture

His videos are always full of great info but why do they always look like they were filmed in the 90's?

Martin Beebee's picture

Great info, but would have been a lot more informative if the demo stills weren't moving all over the place -- side-by-side comparisons are useful; video tricks are distracting.

Well done, learnt more in 4 minutes than in the last 4 years. Thank You!
Nigel - School Ball Photography

Interesting but the music selection was completely uncalled-for.