How To Shoot Splash Photography

Here is a very simple but totally informative video about splash photography. I cannot figure out who this photographer is, if you happen to know please post it in the comments below.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of

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This is great.

This is the guy

the google thingy says he is "Louis H Pixel"


awesome stuff Louis

I noticed on the YouTube page that the user's name was louishcom. So I tried and sure enough - that's his site.
He's also on Flickr:
But I STILL don't have a name for you. Sorry!


Freaking awesome dude! Simpler that one thinks!!

I believe his name is Clint Decker

Here is his photostream on Flickr

awesome! thanks for sharing. would love to give this technique a try. :)

Looks like this guy in Saratoga Springs, Utah

Thanks so mach! This great "How to"!
Photos is amazing! )

Here is the link to where he originally posted the video on his blog.

Does it freeze for anyone else on the first drop?

I wasn't expecting so many lights for this, would the water droplets not show up without all of those?

Clearly says it on his Flickr Profile page : About Louish Pixel / Clint Decker

Also if you watch his other youtube videos it has his weeding and other things that also tell his name.

i heard using the cameras bulb setting at low iso is better. You need to set your flash guns very close at low power (short duration) which can give 1/1000 and higher flash speeds which the bulb setting should capture. Although make sure you don't have too much ambient light that the bulb setting might capture.

Must try that some time..

Interesting. It takes less equipment than I figured, but it looks very professional. Also, I like that he was listening to Kanye in the background.

Hi everyone, Thanks for the featured article.

@Kris My company name is "Louish". Its just a made up word, it doesn't mean "Louis H". (though that's a very common misconception.)

My Blog is at

My Photography site (kinda, haven't done much with it since I use Flickr regularly) is here:

@EEKaWILL You can get away with using less lights. Since I own 4 speedlites, its easier to just use them than try to bounce the light around with reflectors.

@Simon The flash is definitely what is "freezing" the action (because of the short duration), not the shutter speed. Since I'm using a remote trigger to trigger the flash, bulb isn't really needed. The ISO is set as low as possible, though the lower you go, the brighter the flashes will need to be, so ISO 100 is preferred, but if you don't have enough light, you might need to raise it a little.

Short, yet very cool!

Glad you could make it over here Clint.. And thank you for your video, it was a very good demonstration of how to do this type of photography.

Haha! I grew up with this guy. Yes I can verify this is Clint Decker of