How To Wirelessly Control The Profoto D1 Air Studio Strobe

I've been saving my money for months so that I can make the switch over to Profoto and take advantage of their new D1 Air Monolights. Not only are these things small and light but they are also completely wireless! You can now control your studio lights (on/off, flash power, modeling light) all from the Profoto Air Remote. You want to know what the best part is? WE ARE GIVING A SET OF THESE LIGHTS AWAY to the winner of our behind the scenes contest.

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I would like to point out how simple/short these videos are but how informative they are (especially the first one). You guys should be modeling your BTS contest entries off of this. 

Thanks! Very informative!

I'm actually not digging that lighting setup, 4 lights massively over complicated such a simple lifestyle shot.

Are you not a fan of the finished image? I'm not sure how you could pull this shot off with less than 3 lights. 

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I am sure there are a number of ways to get a great shot in the exact same environment but to have 100% control over the light is the key here.  He could shoot this same photo all day with expected, perfect results.  Great BTS for the lighting.. obviously leans quite a bit as a sales pitch, but I really like the individual shots as each new strobe is placed.  

Most of the light shaping can be done in post especially with LR local adjustment brush.

Yeah, why get it right in camera when you can spend hours trying to correct it at the computer? ;)