Jay P Morgan Creates Composite Sports Photo With Rafael Marquez

Jay P Morgan is a commercial photographer out of California who has a history of creating some of the best most educational behind the scenes videos out on the internet (click here to watch tons of them). In this video Jay explains how you can shoot athletes in a studio environment and composite them into any scene easily and effectively. I want you guys to take note of how Jay breaks down his photography approach and offers concise and detailed information about his shoot. If you are interested in winning our Behind The Scenes Contest (and instantly having a studio of your own), you are going to need to explain your process thoroughly and in an interesting manner. Also be sure to check out the full retouching video on Facebook to see how everything was pieced together in post.

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Ha! Everyone comments on that wack Addidas shoot and no one comments on this one that was actually good? (looked pretty under lit though given all the lights he used) but still cleaner and cooler.

something about his voice that makes me want to stop listening to him. good photo though

I agree with Ben about his voice. - nice creative work with light