[Video] A Time Lapse Video Of Earth Taken From Space

Timelapse videos have become extremely popular over the last couple years and it seems like everyone is doing them. This particular angle is a bit difficult for the average photographer to capture.
"Producing time-lapse video onboard the International Space Station while orbiting 250 miles above the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour helps people follow along on our missions, not as spectators, but as fellow crewmembers." -- Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut, Expedition 27 & 28

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I can't believe it... No, really... This is AMAZING !!!
One of the most beautiful things I ever saw... :)

wow! The thunderstorm look like there would be a big redcarpet with many photographers

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Love it! (Hope they licensed that song from Peter Gabriel. :P )

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