Stunning Video Shows Cave Divers in Another World

It takes a brave soul to be a cave diver. It's a dangerous extreme sport, but the hidden beauty it uncovers is almost otherworldly. This gorgeous video, shot in Yucatan, showcases all that beauty.

Diver Christoffer Brenna, Cameraman Jonas Pedersen, and Safety Consultant Sebastien Kister traveled to El Toh, Yucatan, Mexico to film Brenna cave diving. The results are arresting: the team uncovered a peaceful alien world in which stalactites and stalagmites grace a gently undulating landscape, and life is still, save for the occasional fish that flits on by. The cave is peacefully undisturbed by human life, its colors, textures, and structure very much unlike anything we see above ground. As it gets tougher and tougher to find such places on Earth that are truly free from human life or its influence, this is a striking example of the beauty those places still hold.

The video is also notable for its technical aspects, as Pedersen shot between ISO 3,200 and 50,000 on the Sony a7S, showing off the camera's remarkable high-ISO capabilities. The team used a Nauticam housing with Gralmarine and Halcyon lighting. The result is a great combination of technical achievement and raw beauty, making for a meditative and elegant watch. 

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This reminds me I need to get back into diving, and, need to try some caves. Great video, thanks for sharing.