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How to Add a Sweet Freeze-Frame Effect to Your Videos

Some of my favorite video editing tricks and tools are quick and subtle edits that have a lot of impact on the final piece. This tutorial from videographer Casey McPerry is definitely one of those tools that I will be adding to my bag.The freeze-frame effect McPerry teaches you how to create can be seen in this shot clip from his Instagram feed.

In less than ten minutes, McPerry shows you how to easily achieve the same effect using just Premiere Pro and Photoshop for stationary shots and After Effects and Photoshop for moving ones. The effect is fun yet subtle and could be used in all sorts of video styles, but is definitely well suited to the action sports genre. Tutorials like this one are also great for inspiring you to branch out and play with your editing software a bit more and see what sort of off-the-wall things you can figure out. 

Oh, and if you aren't following Casey on Instagram, do it. The dude's feed is a giant continuous collage and it's awesome. He also regularly cranks out awesome photo and video content that is definitely worth checking out.

[via Casey McPerry]

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Very interesting.

P.S. his Instagram feed is another great example on how to use the "grid" the right way.