The Faster and More Accurate Way to Zoom in Adobe Premiere Pro

Whether you're a videographer or not, you'll likely find yourself having to use a video editor at one point or another. If you think that is or will be true for you, here is an incredible tip for one of the key functions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Whenever somebody tells me a tip is going to blow my mind, I am usually left thoroughly unmoved. This video, however, is not an example of that. I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas for many years at this point and zooming in and out of videos is irritating. I have to find the right keyframe to start the transition, either manually navigate the zoom over several keyframes, or allow it to move itself between two, and it's all time-consuming. It is one of those jobs like making complex selections in Photoshop: it's dull and longwinded, but there aren't any great workarounds out there.

In this video, PiXimperfect tries out an extension for Premiere Pro called Drag Zoom Pro and it allows you to make smooth transitions in the easiest, quickest, and the most intuitive way I have seen yet. I'm not sure if this video by PiXimperfect is sponsored by the creator of Drag Zoom Pro, and frankly, I don't care if it is! If you use Adobe Premiere Pro for anything — videography, creating photography tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, whatever it may be — this plugin looks to be an incredible quality of life improvement.

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