How to Work With Photos in Premiere Pro

In this video, Jason Boone from Boone Loves Video shares the best tips and methods of using still images in Premiere Pro and how to make the visual aspect as interesting and visually appealing as possible. 

He's a master at After Effects and Premiere Pro, but this walkthrough is really not that hard to accomplish. Firstly, it'll take you through aspect ratios and how to make sure your photos remain sharp and not pixelated or with reduced quality due to the wrong workflow regarding resizing. Secondly, having your photo in video, it's possible to add some animation. Anchor points can be added to make sure when motion is added, it happens from a specific point. 

Temporal Interpolation is also a way to give your motion a smoother look. He goes through removing some artifacts in Photoshop, something most photographers will know. But the key takeaway here is to show how well Photoshop and Premiere Pro work together using Dynamic Linking. And, if you want to download the free film grain overlays, you can do so here

If you're new in Premiere Pro or just want a refresher on what you can do with photographs, this video should give you what you need. 

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