20 Awesome Self Portraits

20 Awesome Self Portraits

There is something very special about taking a self portrait of yourself. Being both the model and the photographer makes you feel very comfortable, relaxed and open for trying unique ideas. You don't need to be afraid of the results because you have the control over what gets out, you dont need to feel shy trying cool ideas, because no one needs to be around when you shoot. No pressure, just you, your camera and all the time in the world. Check out these 20 great self portraits found on Flickr.

My self portrait became the symbol of freedom around the world in the past few years, and I really believe that the final result looks so emotional just for the reason I had full control over the image: both in front the camera, and behind the camera. As a photographer you know exactly what you want to create, and when you're your own model its way easier to direct yourself and not someone else.

So... Which are your favorite images? tell us in the comments!

Photo: Grant Heinlein.

emergence and disturbances
Photo: Brooke Shaden.

Photo: Jessica Neuwerth .

213/365 Another Year
Photo: brandonhuang.

Photo: Brooke Shaden.

Photo: Cari Ann Wayman.

live free, child of the mist
Photo: ha!photography.

Orange, or the return of the lady with the butterflies
Photo: Ana Luísa Pinto.

Photo: Sarah Ann Loreth.

2010 [explored]
Photo: Brendan Timmons.

She was like a Summer Storm
Photo: Anna Theodora.

And So it is, Just Like You Said it Would Be, (Explored)
Photo: Janneke.

Photo: Michal Beer.

Day 55/365 - Give Me Symphonies
Photo: Emma.

Photo: Lauren Withrow.

an unyielding limb
Photo: Brooke Shaden.

Photo: Joel Bedford.

My Brain Hurts
Photo: Aaron Nace.

not yours anymore
Photo: Holly Henry.

tagged (more in comments)
Photo: Kalie Garrett .

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Noam you're one of the few that still use (and probably believe in) Flickr. Once I discovered 500px, I started unfollowing peeps on Flickr and following peeps on 500px.

 I dont use either currently, have used both in the past, theyre both the same. It all depends on who you follow and the majority of the community makes useless comments to get views because they think that will help them do something.

Mike Kelley's picture


Tam Nguyen's picture

Nah, I simply browse 500px for inspirations. For some reason, the content on there looks a lot better than on Flickr. I think it's because people tend to post their better work on 500px, and then Flickr is kinda like the whatever-land. Or at least it seems that way more recently.

This was even more true a year ago. I think the sheer quantity that Flickr encompasses allows for some great groups and special interests. Want to see Rolleiflex pictures? Noctilux? Portraits in Central Park? I'd hit Flickr first - generally inspirational pictures of landscapes? 500px.

Perhaps I don't know how to navigate through 500px just yet but I find that while the best works there succeed in technical proficiency, most of what I've come across lack character. Do you know of any artists on 500px who's works are similar to the following artists?



I prefer 500px's interface but am struggling to find works I like such as experimental and cinematic photography. Any help would be much appreciated.

awesome.. great picture!!

that´s what most write on ALL image sharing websites.. it´s a waste of time and why soem write this nonsense is a miracle too me....

Noam Galai's picture

Dont worry - I also use 500px. Hope to start featuring work from there soon! :)

That's not true at all. Every single photographer I know or know of still uses Flickr. I personally dislike 500px, and I don't know many people that actively use their 500px accounts. Flickr has a better community and just feels more like home.

Alex Zanskikh's picture

There are only few awesome self portraits :

Dave Wallace's picture

You're kidding... right?

Alex Zanskikh's picture

Brooke Shaden
Ana Luísa Pinto
Sarah Ann Loreth
Brooke Shaden

my fav's

some are nice but in no way awesome...

If you're going to choose a photo by Holly Henry, you have to choose at least 10 more. Her self portraits have always been a huge inspiration.

Paul Jay's picture

Some shouldn't be in this list. I know far more better self portraits on Flickr.

JOHN PARISI's picture

I still love Flickr and use it regularly. Thank you for introducing me to a few of these that I have never seen before. Negative comments here are just so......negative

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/thin_n_pathetic/3887754252/" title="trails lay for the night by www.exposureleak.com, on Flickr" rel="nofollow"></a>

Zach Sutton's picture

I'm also one of the few that still believes in flickr. I built a fan base on flickr, and I haven't abandoned it yet...even though I also use 500px

J Bedford's picture

Hey, I was browsing this list and to my surprise, found my mug on this list - Thanks guys :)



i love all these photos!! deff gives me good a ideas!

The second one down by Brooke Shaden I believe is a model and not actually Brooke Shaden. I think she has a video on youtube posted in regards to that photoshoot involving that picture ( do your research). And really out of all the works you could have chosen for Brook Shadens self-portraits you chose those?