360 Degree Camera Drives The World's Most Dangerous Road

Last year we showed you some of the first footage of a new 360 camera made by Yellowbird. Well now Mitsubishi is using that technology in their campaign Test Drive The World's Most Dangerous Road. The Yungas Road is found in South America connecting the Bolivian cities of La Paz and Coroico. Apparently this path, which is only wide enough for one car in places, is responsible for 300 average deaths a year. Below is a little teaser on how they made the campaign for the 2011 Outlander and Outlander Sport. Click the link above to view the 360 degree footage throughout the entire 40 kilometer test drive and watch the second video below for a truly horrifying first person experience on the death path.

How The Yungas Road Can Go Terrible Wrong

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Hyesoo Brooke Rho's picture

Wow, what a great ad. Some of the shots throughout their advertisement are incredible, and definitely does make me think better of Mitsubishi as a brand. I wish that the 360 camera had been on top of the car or something, watching a video through the window isn't too fun.

Sean Shimmel's picture

The tale fares better than the sight. 

The verbal foreboding through broken English and lucky amulets made my palms sweat far more than any of the lens work.

For the second video, excrement will eventually hit the fan if you don't see where you are going and just honk your horn and wish for the best...

Nowadays there is an alternative road and this one isn't used that much anymore (not for transporting people that is). It's become a quite famous mountain bike trail among backpackers, although that still causes a dozen deaths per year... Amazing scenery, I've been there. Traveling through the Andes really made me afraid of public transport since then... :(

RUSS's picture

 I liked it. It gave me a chance to see something, some place, i had never seen and probably never would see. :) Good stuff :)