For All the Drifting Fans: The Audi R8 V10 Commercial

From reading the posts over at the Fstoppers Forum, I've found that a lot of our readers enjoy taking photographs at motorsport drifting events. So if you enjoy fast cars and adrenaline you are going to love the commercial Audi created for their new 2010 R8 V10 sports car. This is all video but you can imagine what the results would be if you could mount a still camera on these cranes and drag that shutter. Big thanks to Dragos for sending us this video (check out his work in this field); makes me want to buy a new car :)

UPDATE: Jeremy Lusk was actually on set the day of the shoot and has these photos to share. You can check them out here:


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I want to spend money I don't have on that car

The car was so good that after a day of driving, his hair was matted down. :P

Who cares about the car? I want all that equipment they shot with! It's probably worth a lot more than the car! :-P

Cool car and cool BTS video...what more can you ask for?

:) i shot a short drift movie with the red cam and the camera is amazing. But what these guys have here is just wow. These R8 looks very slick...but in my opinion it was nicer to have had the new spyder version in red :d

nice one, thanks for sharing. What a huge rig sitting on the black audi :) Few weeks back I was helping friend with shooting R8 - even though it is still picture only - output is pretty nice: